Thursday, June 11, 2009

Science Research Course

The students entering the Science Research in the High School program and their parents met briefly last evening with Dr. DiTullio and Mr. Ippolito to initiate the return of this course to Bronxville. The meeting was held to review the required summer assignment as these students begin their three year journey towards the completion of an original scientific paper based on authentic research.

The students were charged with finding TEN (10) articles on any topic of interest to them. The articles may come from a variety of sources (magazines, newspapers, webzines, and journals). They are to write a short summary (no more than one typewritten page) explaining/describing the work and conclusions discussed in the article. It is advised that at least half of the articles be of substantial size and drawn from a recognized scientific magazine such as Scientific American or Science. Copies of the original articles and the students' summaries will be collected in the first class meeting in September. The students should be ready to present/discuss their articles with their classmates during the first week of class meetings.

The students were also introduced to the periodical database JSTOR which is available to them through the Bronxville High School Library site on Ed-line. This database is an excellent starting point for a periodical literature search, as it lists articles whose abstracts can be read before downloading the complete article as a PDF document.

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