Friday, July 3, 2009

Domestic Cattle Genome Sequencing Studies

Articles in the journals Science and Genome Biology, by a Michigan State University researcher and a participant in a 6 year global project with 300 scientists to complete, annotate, and analyze the 22,000 genes of the species Bos taurus, Theresa Casey reports that such studies may open new areas for human health research.
Casey, whose specialty is the study of lactation and mammary gland biology discusses how the study of the bovine genome will lead to a better understanding of the evolution of mammalian milk. She believes that due to the antimicrobial properties of cow's milk, that mammalian milk evolved primarily with an immune function to increase the survival chances of newborn mammals. She feels that the research vistas opened in the field can lead to a better understanding of how to ensure better human health and help to better feed the world's population.

Michigan State News Item

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