Monday, October 25, 2010

AP Biology Students' Second Project on Bioenergetics

Students in the AP Biology class were allowed to chose a topic of their own choice on Bioenergetics. They were to illustrate a pathway or process from either Photosynthesis or Respiration. It seems as if glycolysis was an inordinately popular topic. Why did no one try to tackle one of the pathways/processes of photosynthesis?

E. Delany and C. Grealy teamed up to produce this Respiration Rap using a Lady GaGa melody (oo la la).
R. Faselt prepared this neat poster on glycolysis.

B. Davies was all gaga over glycolysis.

C. Louka tackled the way ATP synthetase functions in the inner membrane of the mitochondrion.

B. Mattes clearly understood how glycolysis splits glucose to form pyruvate.

H. Bothwell captured the essence of the electron transport system of the mitochondria in this poster.
G. Sargent chose to illustrate Kreb's Cycle.

N. Carpenter put together this neat poster describing Krebs' Cycle (a.k.a. Tricarboxcylic Acid Cycle, Citric Acid Cycle).

R. Grunseich was very ambitious, he included both photosynthesis and respiration on his poster.

Additional projects in the form of Powerpoint Shows are available on the Edline Class Page. Click these links to view them.

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