Thursday, June 7, 2012

Third Annual Bronxville Science Research Fair/Exposition

Duncan C. presented his research on protein dietary supplements on earthworm

Elizabeth M. discussing her work on the effects of olfactory and auditory stimuli on the operant conditioning (learning) in Drosophilia

Jacqueline F. discussed her research into SODIS techniques use in water purification.

Jak M. explains the results of his investigation of the effects of meditation on the well being of high school students.

James F. describes his hypothesis regarding pre-cellular fatty acid vesicles.

Kyle S. describes his investigation into relative and absolute wealth on individual's decision making.

Elizabeth C. discusses her work comparing sibling and non-sibling hand writing.

Malika L. describes her research into HIV in Guatemala.

Aurora W. describes her work on the effects of treatments on first responders experiencing reduced respiratory function after 9/11.

Tepi E. discussed her  comparison of neuroplasticity in visually impaired individuals with sighted individuals

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