Friday, October 23, 2015

Students in Forensic Course Begin Forensic Entomology Investigation

The forensic classes have just begun the examination of the various stages if insect life cycle in to prepare for the determination the TOD (time of death) for two unidentified bodies in the ongoing case study they will be pursuing over  the course of this year.

Not being true forensic entomologist, who already know how to identify the main necrophagous insects that utilize a victim's body, the students began today by examining exemplars of two different species at various points in their life cycle. They were to observe the stages they were given looking for unique characteristics that would allow them to distinguish and identify the insects.

Once they have done this they will be given the insects found on the victims bodies, which had been located in an isolated cabin. They will identify the insects and use them to determine a time of death for the two victims.
The insect exemplars Thomas examined under the dissecting microscope.

Students worked in teams of four, each pair was responsible for identifying and categorizing one species' life cycle exemplars.

Sara examines an exemplar, while her partner logs the information into the evidence disposition log for their team.

Jill has begun to input the data collected so far into a google form for compilation and sharing. Her partner Emme is taking a picture of the exemplar through the dissecting microscope for future reference.

Kathleen is getting ready to examine the next exemplar, while her partner, Helen examine their photo of the examplar they just finished observing and logging.

Lain re-energizes with sip of her iced coffee (shades of Abby Sciuoto from NCIS and her caf-pow), while Gianna slaves away cataloging the current examplar being examined.

Jack is focused on observing the current exemplar as Liam looks on.

Liam is using the coarse adjustment to bring this exemplar into focus, as Jack looks on.

Lily and Maggie converse about Lily's uncanny ability to take awesome pictures of their exemplars. Lily looks so pleased with her success!!!

Thomas closely examines the maggots in the first picture of this series.

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