Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Core Biology Students' Bronx River Argumentative Essays

Using a Bronx River Research Google site created by Mrs. Bastone, Core Biology students in Mr. Ippolito's class were asked  to write an argumentative essay related to the research data that has been collected to date. This assignment was an extension of their researching the macroinvertebrates they might find when they examined the leaf packs placed in the river.  Once again these are the raw submissions students submitted, they have not been edited or corrected for this post.

L Abbott Essay
T Bender Essay
J Burstein Essay
L Cruikshank Essay 
J Curran Essay
E Donohue Essay
Z Flangos Essay
A Gaston Essay 
S Huss Essay
K Ircha Essay 
F Jones Essay 
Q Madden Essay
S. Mitchell Essay 
C Mooney Essay
A New Essay
E Parson Essay 
T Purdy Essay
M Pytosh Essay
M Rizzo Essay
B Sands Essay 
A Saralegui Essay 
N Semenyuk Essay
S Sulimirski Essay
S Sullivan Essay  
S Whitney Essay

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