Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Honors Biology II Students Build Models of a Four Chambered Heart

In their study of Circulatory Systems, the students in the Honors Biology II class modeled the movement of blood through a four chambered heart and into a double circulation system. They used balloons to represent the heart chambers and plastic tubing to represent the blood vessels entering and leaving the heart.

Pilar, Cameron and Hanna are loading their model with "blood" when they discovered a leak in one of their connection.

Vienna and Zoe are manipulating the various valves in their model to see how the chambers fill and empty. 

Catherine is finalizing her groups model as Ayten and Rico provide wisdom and support.

Mimi and Lauren return to the on-line protocol to make sure they have not missed anything in their model production.

Remi proves his dexterity and piecing together his group's model, while Kelsey double checks the given instructions and coaches Remi.

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