Monday, January 17, 2011

AP Biology Genetic Diseases Project

  For their second project of the second marking period, the AP Biology classes were asked to research a genetic disease. Unlike the first project for this marking period, which require the students to produce a triptych poster the students were given a wider range of choices. Their project could be be a well-made PowerPoint Presentation, a Web Site presentation, a comic strip, a storyboard, an animation, video or almost anything. The end product should be a Museum Quality Presentation on a Genetic Disorder. The display should incorporate your creative and artistic talents as well as scientific information.

           The final presentation must include the following sections/information: 

History of the Disease

         A description of when the disease was first identified and by whom.

Symptoms of the Disease

          A description and discussion of how the disease affects those who have the disease and also how it may affect their families.

Cause of the Disease

          A description and discussion of the known/hypothesized etiology of the disease. Be sure to be very specific in this section, if possible describe the exact “mutation” that is thought to produce the ineffective products that are at the root of the disease.

Treatments for the Disease

          A description of any procedures that may be used to alleviate/cure the affected individual’s symptoms.

Identification of the Disease

          A description of any protocols that may be used to determine carriers and/or individuals who might have the disease and the probabilities of their passing the disease to their offspring.

Bioethical Considerations

          A description and discussion of any ethical problems/considerations that may arise in relation to the disease.

The following students' Powerpoint presentations can be seen by clicking on the provided links, which will upload their Powerpoint Shows:
S. Blessing - Sickle Cell Anemia
K, Bopp - Cystic Fibrosis
H. Bothwell - Neimann-Pick Disease
L. Detwiler - Macular Degeneration
R. Faselt - Angelmann Syndrome
S. Monaco - Cancer
K. Noonan - Noonan Syndrome
G. Sargent - Werner's Syndrome
X. Tao - Autism

The following are the students' triptych poster presentations:

Nicole - Down's Syndrome

Erin - Muscular Dystrophy

Caitlin - Autism

Ryan - Hemophilia

Jane - Albinism

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