Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Scientist Volunteers Needed

Scientists from Bronxville Community needed to Volunteer as Advisors for Student Researchers

Bronxville High School's current Science Research class consists of seven students interested in doing authentic research on a variety of exciting topics. But they need the help of active scientists from the Bronxville community to volunteer as advisors. The students are asking for advise and guidance on how to proceed with their research topics/goals. They would greatly appreciate feedback on the feasibility of their and leads on who they might touch base with to be successful.
They are currently interested in pursuing topics in:
Biochemistry: RNA’s Role in the Origin of Protocells
Chemistry: Solar Disinfection of Water to Yield Potable Water
Sports Medicine: Monitoring the Affect of Protein Drinks on Muscle Growth on Athletic Performance
Paleotempestology: Examine Evidence of Changes in Hurricane Frequency/Intensity as Related to Global Warming
Neurobiology: Comparing Language Brain Function of Autistics with Normal Individuals
Neurobiology: Brain Plasticity of Memory as a Result of Vision Impairment
Linguistics: How Language Affects Culture

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